Privacy Policy

Thank you for using SleepTrack. Here is the description of how data is handled in the app.


SleepTrack was created with one simple idea in mind - allow user to easily track sleep habbits. Application was created with an idea to be free and accessible to wide public. This is why this application was created.

Data usage

SleepTrack is an application that allows users to store sleep information in easy to understand and view way. When user is using mentioned application the data is stored only on his device for his own usage. User is providing data on it's own by using manual input, application does not contain automated data collection.

Data Sharing

Application does not contain synchronisation of it's data to remote server. User can share data with Health app which is built in into iOS and developed by Apple. User is prompted to enable Health app synchronisation. Upon sharing data with Health app users data maybe used by 3rd party applications.